What are you detoxing? Fastweightdiets.com has discovered over 50 different detoxing regimes. Hence the question “ What are you detoxing”? It could be a sugar detox, colon detox, liver detox, water detox, sodium detox etc… Detoxing your body or an organ (Liver) takes thought and planning, with the goal being defined, monitored and medically supervised with doctor’s consultation.

I find it very interesting when I hear people say, “Oh, I’m going on a diet.” The reason I find it interesting is because in reality they are already on a diet. Your diet is the foods that you consume on a regular basis. The term “diet” doesn’t mean weight loss, yet people synonymously use it when they refer to themselves consuming food in order to lose weight. Every day you are on a so called “diet”, but many people don’t acknowledge the word in those terms since society has used the term “diet” to mean weight loss for so many years. Try guiding your current diet, with a “Meal Planner “that grades your choices and suggest improvements to eat more nutritiously.

Why does physical Activity matter? You have a better chance of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight if you make increased physical activity a part of your lifestyle. This is because physical activity. • Burns calories that would otherwise be stored in your body as fat. • Burns fat that your body has already stored. • Helps build muscle, which burns more calories than fat 24 hours a day. • Helps to reduce the sensation of hunger so you eat less. • Reducing the risk of heart disease. • Helping to control cholesterol levels. • Increasing energy, strength, endurance and flexibility. Keeping a record of what you do and adding it up at the end of the day can help you track your physical activity. Journal your activities with fast weight diets planner tool. To Be Well, You Must Move Well.

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